Philosophy of Technology in Jülich

Welcome to the Jülich Speaker Series in the Philosophy of Technology. We aim to facilitate research into ethical and philosophical questions associated with novel technologies, particularly in artificial intelligence, neuromedicine, and their intersection. The series is organized by the working group Neuroethics and Ethics of AI at the Forschungszentrum Jülich.

April 19: Prof. Sven Nyholm (LMU)

Russell and Floridi on Artificial Intelligence and Agency

April 26: Dr. Sarah Diner (Bonn)

The ethics of cerebral organoid research: Searching for markers of consciousness

May 17: Prof. Emma Ruttkamp-Bloem (Pretoria)

What gives the Ethics of AI its Bad Name?

May 24: Prof. Raphaël Millière (Macquarie)

The Alignment Problem in Context

July 12: Prof. Avigail Ferdman (Technion)

AI, human-capacity habituation, and the deskilling problem